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KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) Calculator is a free tool to find KGR Keywords. Just enter your Keyword and select your location and then click on 'Calculate'.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
1. What is KGR?
KGR stands for Keyword Golden Ratio. It is a way to find low competition keywords being searched on the internet and are very easy to rank in the search results.
2. Why do we need KGR Keywords?
KGR Keywords are simply low competition Keywords. So, they are easy to rank. Their monthly traffic volume are usually less than 250 and total result (#allinTitle) are low too.

They are often ignored due to less search volume.

If you can find these keywords and write content targeting that keywords, then your article will be under top 40 in the search result under few days or sometimes even within hours. If your site have some authority, then you can rank in the top 15 within few hours.
3. How KGR Keywords are helpful for new sites?
KGR Keywords are very helpful to new sites. They can can

i.) Bring traffic to new sites - Even if you target low competition keywords for your new site, you might not be able to gain traffic. There can be many reasons.

But, KGR Keywords are very low Competitive keywords on which very few articles are available. You can rank easily on that particular keyword.

ii.) Get your website out of Google Sandbox - It is said that Google put newly launched website into a special zone 'Google SandBox'. This zone prevent your site content to rank even on some low competition keywords.

It takes normally 6-9 months to get your site out of Google SandBox. But, KGR Keywords can help in getting your site out of Google Sandbox within few days.

These keywords are easy to rank and bring traffic to you site. This will make google to consider you site as a authority site and make your site out of Google SandBox.